Wednesday, March 19, 2008

720 million dollars/ day!

That is how much the war in Iraq costs per day! Yikes imagine the amount of schools that could be built, children that could be fed, solar energy panels that could be set up!

I firmly believe that we are not being given the full story about this war. Just the other day I read in New York Times that very high percentage of Iraqi refugees donot feel like they will be safe if they return. Today on CNN (i guess they would be classified as mainstream media) there was a sizeable coverage of the growing protests against the war in Iraq, the President acknowleding that the war has cost more than what was expected.

Gee, People in social justice movements and many economists and masses of American people has known this for years. How then do we move forward with bringing peace in Iraq? There are many options starting with the US pulling out, UN peace keeping forces working with the Iraqigovernment and people to restore some sense of security in the country.

In the midst of war and total destruction, i wonder how queer and transgender people are making it there? what is the impact of the Us occupation on the development of children's psychology in Iraq.

It is pretty clear to me that this war was unecessary, the US needed to have worked with the UN on this issue.

May peace prevail on Iraq and the world.

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