Friday, March 21, 2008

Efficient Citizenship!

United States Citizenship and Informational Services (USCIS) would like us to believe that they are a super-efficient, well oiled buraucracy providing fast service to those working throught the immigration system.

Unlike the popular myth, we all know how slow the process is, as news on visa and citizenship backlogs begin to emerge. Stories have broken as to how many files are piled up in the offices of USCIS in need of updating. My friend Will Coley who has worked for the American Friends Service Committee and works on immigration policy has made a fun movie about the efficiency of USCIS

Below is a story and link to watch the video. Enjoy!

Vote now for video contest on Immigrant Rights!

The Movement Vision Lab Video Contest — Cast Your Vote!

The Movement Vision Lab received a dozen entries in their first ever video contest. And now it's your turn to weigh in and tell them which ones you like most, as they decide which to award the $1000 prize to.

The Movement Vision Lab staff has winnowed down the entries to their top five. Check them out below --- and log-in to the Movement Vision Lab and post a comment on this page saying which video you like most and why. OR you can vote directly on the You Tube pages via the links. The comment period will last two weeks, and then they'll announce the winner! So tell them what you think today!

Remember, the contest is about Immigration and Community Values. Vote for the video that you think best tells America that, immigrants and citizens alike, we're all in it together!

So, without further ado, the finalists (in no particular order) CLICK HERE:

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