Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama and Racial politics in the US II

Hi everyone, thanks for all the comments. I want to clarify by saying that I am not suggesting that Hillary and McCain's pastor hold critical views about racism and imperialism, I am saying that non one puts them on the stage and scrutinizes them.

The scrutiny of Rev.Wright without understanding the contexts of his rage and the reductionist linear connection that hence Obama must be anti-american are nuanced ways that racism finds expression these days.

The Senator's speech was inspiring, and will go down in history as a clarion call to work through issues of racial inequality in US society.

Some of you have asked me where in the Senator's speech did he talk about black men in jails and transgender woemn of color being killed. He did not. Like the Senator I would want for us to start these dialouges in our communities. A dialouge that is matured, rooted in self-reflection and structural analysis.

Finally, I want to address this question why he did not leave his chruch? I donot know why? I cannot answer on beahlf of him, heck I donot even know him! However I can share my own experience and experiences of other freinds of color. I rarely go to a Hindu temple,I am yet to find a progressive queer freindly, ant-sexist Hindu temple in the US. However everytime I am in Cleveland I go to the Hindu temple and listen to the chantings of the priest.

The familiar sights and smells of the earten lamp, the kneeling at the feet of Goddess Kali, invokes in me a sense of connection with the divine, which no other LGBT meditation group-support group has given me. My point being I live at the intersections of being gay, being immigrant, being male bodied,being of Indian origin, being educated and it is important to find culturally relevant spaces be they queer, or hindu, or academic where I can find reiterations for my identity. Sometimes in part and sometimes in whole.

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